Sacred Circle of Conscious Creation

LIVE Support Group + Spiritual Wellness + Energy Psychology Coaching 

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Becoming a more Conscious Creator is a PRACTICE.

Let's practice together!

Get Centered

Unplug from the external stimulation and plug into Circle for some me time!
We Open each Circle with a Grounding & Centering Exercise, and hold this Sacred space throughout the gathering.

Every time we practice getting centered and grounded, we are cultivating important skills for becoming more mindful and intentional in every day life.  When we make choices and act from a centered and balanced place, we feel more confident AND clear on our path. 

Get Connected

Circle is about creating community and connecting with other women who are exploring their Personal Power to create the lives of their dreams.

Circle is also about connecting with our Inner Wisdom or the Guide Within.

As we practice listening - to each other  AND to the guidance that arrises from our Hearts - we connect with a consciousness that is bigger than our individual selves.  

Strengthening these connections helps us to feel inspired, nourished and supported.

We're not meant to do this alone!

Get Creative

We are ALL Creator Beings, the question is: Are we consciously creating our ideal lives or are we unconsciously and haphazardly creating (and accidentally mis-creating) in our lives? 

Each Circle we will do an Awareness Expanding Exercise to help us gain clarity & insight into our goals & intentions. We also use Energy Psychology processes to identify and clear subconscious blocks that are stopping us from creating the lives of our dreams. 


A few more deets about what happens in Circle:
After the

Centering and Awareness Expanding Exercises

I will lead the group through a Full Moon or New Moon intention setting process 
based on each person's goals and any blocks that they are experiencing to achieving them.

After everyone gets clear on their goals, intentions and blocks, I will lead the group through an

Energy Psychology Balance

This process creates congruence and enhanced communication between the  left and right hemispheres of the brain. This state of brain hemisphere congruence allows us to access and clear subconscious blocks we have to achieving our goals. 

Join us in the Sacred Circle

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