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Hey Hey Conscious Creators! 

This is the place where I'm going to be sharing my adventures over the past 19 years ~ the good the bad AND the ugly ~ along my path to intentionally becoming a more conscious creator of my reality.

I'm also doing video interviews with others who are on this path and today I'm ready to bring you my first installment in this project!

You can watch the video by clicking ▶️PLAY▶️ above OR you can download it to your device to watch/listen later!

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The ABOUT page of this site gives my personal intro and I'll be writing more soon about my experiences learning to hear and follow my Inner Guidance and how that lead to the discovery that I am ACTUALLY a POWERFUL and DIVINE Creator Being and SO ARE YOU! 

💝I hope you gain some insights from this video series that Heather and I have recorded sharing her journey, and I have more videos with other Conscious Creators to come!  🎥 (Just as soon as I get them edited!) 📼

So stay tuned for more stories of our adventures on this MAGICAL path!  

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Thanks for reading & watching & commenting & sharing my posts & offerings! 😘 

💖Heaps of Love💖
(This is how excited I am to be launching this blog!!!)

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