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Hey Y'all!
I'm so glad you're here. My name's Christina. I am a POWERFUL Creator Being and SO ARE YOU! πŸ’₯πŸ’ͺπŸ’₯ 

I first began to explore that idea back in 1999 and it's been a WILD ride - this road to discovering my personal power to consciously create the reality I WANT to be living.

Looking back, my "Adventures in Conscious Creating" actually started long before '99 - like really at birth πŸ˜‚ - but 1999 was pivotal and marks a moment of surrender that allowed me (or did it forced me?) to begin to work with my power as a Creator Being in a more intentional way.

I discovered I was pregnant and a few days later I lost my jobby job.

Terrified doesn't begin to cover it. 😬

Up until that point in life, I had been navigating life unconsciously for the most part, and things felt pretty out of control.  Life seemed to be happening TO me and I was quite fed up with being a "victim of circumstance." 

I began to experiment with some of the ideas and teachings you'll find in the Art of Conscious Creation Portal and Facebook Group and lo and behold, things began to change!  I began to understand and EXPERIENCE my own POWER to create NEW and BETTER circumstances!

Fast forward to 2008. Life was pretty good!
Using the techniques in The Artist's Way, I had

  • found my partner and divine compliment: my beloved husband PeterπŸ’—
  • purchased our first home in the face of "impossible" financial circumstances
  • made the [terrifying!] leap to 100% self-employment for our household
  • made the [even more terrifying!!!] leap to home-education for my kids

I'm sure I'm forgetting some stuff, but the point is:
We (Peter and I) were well on our way to creating the life of our dreams!

BUT it felt like we had hit a "plateau."  

I WANTED to believe that I had the power to create ANY reality that I could envision, but I still had doubts.  Even in the few areas where I had successfully quieted my doubts, I still wasn't seeing the progress that I thought I "should" be seeing if I was doing it "right."

A friend and spiritual teacher heard my complaints and said, "Oh you need to try PSYCH-K! You can say affirmations all day long, but if you don't get your subconscious beliefs in alignment with your conscious beliefs and desires, you'll just keep spinning your wheels and stay stuck."

PSYCH-K is a form of Energy Psychology that helped us heal individually and propelled our lives and marriage forward in so many wonderful ways, I could go on for days.

(Instead I'll just leave this link where you can read more about our personal story using Energy Psychology.)

I tell you all that ^ to let you know that I'VE BEEN THERE and if you're looking for some guidance as you navigate these tricky waters to becoming a more conscious creator of YOUR reality, I'm here to help. 

I could tell you more about myself or my qualifications or something else to persuade you that I know what I'm doing here, but what I'm REALLY interested in is helping YOU to tune into your INNER GUIDANCE.  

Are you feeling nudged toward exploring my work by something "invisible" or "unexplainable?" If the answer is yes, then I hope that's all the persuasion you'll need to AT LEAST join my free portal:
The Art of Conscious Creation!

I'm ALSO not going to tell you more about myself right now because I'm planning on writing a blog called Adventures in Conscious Creation which is gonna cover all the highlights. (And plenty of lowlights I'm sure - gotta keep it real...)

{Here's an old bio if you wanna read more about me}

I'm still figuring this fancy platform out, but I THINK if you subscribe to the Art of Conscious Creation portal, you'll get blog updates too.
Isn't it fun to be on the cutting edge of new technology???
(That's what I keep telling myself as try to navigate the back end MAZE of this website!)

Thanks again for stopping by!  I hope you'll find something helpful amongst my offerings here, and please let me know if you have questions! 

Heaps of Love,

Christina Wester
Conscious Creation Catalyst


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