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Workshops to Cultivate a Practice of Conscious Creation

Included in your Workshop Portal Membership:

Level UP Muscle Testing Course

Level UP Energy Psychology Course
(Parts 1 & 2)

The Desire Map + Energy Psychology
Guided Workshop Experience
(Levels 1 & 2)

plus any other transformational practices I'm inspired to teach in the future!

The offerings in this portal will give you POWERFUL tools for cultivating your Practice of Conscious Creation. Having a REGULAR practice of clearing your personal subconscious limits will put you on the FAST TRACK to becoming a Master Manifestor.

  • You can use these tools to create a Conscious Creation practice for yourself OR expand your current practice and infuse it with new life and power.

  • You can ALSO use these tools with your spouse, children, other housemates, your business partner and ANY other person you are co-creating with!

  • If you are in ANY of the "helping professions," the tools in this workshop portal will propel your work forward and translate into tangible results for your clients.  Once mastered, these tools are easy to use to help others clear THEIR personal limits to creating the lives of THEIR dreams.

If you have a body and a brain 😉 these MIND/BODY/SPIRIT integrative practices can propel you forward in developing your personal power AND realizing your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL as a Human AND as a Creator Being.

ALL of the practices taught through this Workshop Portal 
help practitioners set CLEAR goals
take regular steps TOWARD those goals. 

When we dissolve subconscious limits or road blocks to achieving
our personal vision, we become UNSTOPPABLE!

Join now for instant access to
The Desire Map 2018
 + Level UP 2017 replays

Level UP 2019 is coming September 15!

Workshop Portal membership gives you:

  • access to any LIVE classes that happen while your membership is current
  • email reminders and Zoom links to help you make the most of the LIVE offerings
  • links to the course replays delivered directly to your inbox to help you keep up with the workshop exercises and course materials
  • access to ALL VIDEOS of current & previous Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation offerings 
  • access to ALL DOWNLOADS from current & previous offerings including
    ~ Written Course Materials
    ~ PDF's of Visual Aids and Presentation Slides
    ~ Mp3s of guided exercises for personal use AND for facilitating the practices with others
    ~ Lists of Protocols, Checklists & Categories to guide your Muscle Testing and subconscious detective work
    ~ Lists of Pre-Written Belief Statements for clearing common subconscious limits that can affect every area of life and manifesting  

There are several "price points" for membership in Mastering the Art of Conscious Creation. Below is a chart that outlines the various levels of engagement. 


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