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A Curated Portal of Support and Resources

The Art of Conscious Creation is my offering to YOU and to ALL of Humanity!

The tools in this portal can help you move from a life on Auto-Pilot to a more INTENTIONAL and AUTHENTIC LIFE that LIGHTS you UP!

When you do the things that light you up, the WHOLE WORLD BENEFITS.

As you elevate your own vibe by living a life you LOVE, you become a more POWERFUL CREATOR and your vibe ALSO uplifts others!

I've created this space to inspire you and to help you get UNSTUCK.

Once we notice our unsupportive habits and patterns, it can be pretty daunting to figure out a way to move out of those ruts.

This free web portal is a library of tools & practical resources for exploring and EXPANDING your power as a Creator Being. 

The victim/perpetrator paradigm is OVER.

It's TIME to take control of our own experiences.

It's TIME to take responsibility for creating the world we WANT to be living in.


What do you want to create in your life?

If you can imagine it, you CAN achieve it!

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The Art of Conscious Creation Resource Library*

Here's a peek inside the AoCC Resource Library - each category has a wealth of information to support you in becoming a more conscious creator of your experiences in this life . . .


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You CAN create the life of your dreams.

It's TIME to reclaim your
Personal Power as a Creator Being!


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Your life is a work of ART
and making good art takes PRACTICE.

Begin today!

I'll be looking forward to "seeing" you in the Resource Library soon!

In Love & Gratitude,

Christina Wester
Conscious Creation Catalyst

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I can't WAIT for you to experience the magic of these practices!


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The Art of Conscious Creation is a free  portal of support and resources for exploring your power as a Creator Being.

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