Energy Psychology with Christina: Face to Face Sessions

We will meet via Video Chat or In-Person on the East Side of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex.

Each session is different according to your current needs.
Christina will use muscle testing to determine the type of Energy Psychology your system needs for each goal you wish to address. 
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Christina is an Advanced Psych-K Facilitator and has received certifications + attunements in two other energy healing modalities: Reiki and Sacred Healing Circle.
Her journey as a healer began in 2003 with Yoga Teacher Training, therefore many of her favorite Energy Psychology techniques are rooted in somatic release.

In each Face to Face session Christina will incorporate various Energy Psychology  techniques depending on what the muscle testing says your system needs at the time of your appointment.

There are two different ways Christina works 1:1 with clients:

Face to Face Sessions  
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via Email
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Client Feedback on Face to Face Sessions: 

"Monday I had a session with Christina and my goal was allowing more financial abundance. Over the next two days, I got 2 fairly high paying gigs and sold a few pieces of jewelry!
(Sometimes many weeks have gone by without selling jewelry)

So as the second wave of ūüíįcame in, I sat there in a state of gratitude - shockūüėÜ There have been many layers to this for me.

I’m celebrating the peeling and the revealed financial abundance! ūüéČ"

- Leah Misty 
Thai Love

"I'm gonna joke and say that I'm scared to come back to you for fear my cup might just runeth over.  But that's not true, I'm not scared but [it's] that nervous excitement as to what the future will hold.

The flow of life and "things" that have happened [since our session]... There are too many to name.

Think of the way the waters parted in the Bible. 
Life has been that dramatically changed since I messaged you.

Every single day, I wake up to an intentional clear mind and it is getting easier and easier to keep that throughout the day.

I am so grateful for you Christina. I love you for being you and helping us that have lost our way or have been searching for a long time.  
ūüíô ūüĆé ūüíô"
- Nicole Sprabary 
Country Mile Farms
Cedar Creek

After our second session, you said to hold on tight for an amazing ride and you weren’t kidding! Your gifts to the soul are beyond words, Christina. You have a beautiful gift as a healer and I would love for as many people as possible to experience what you have helped me discover. Freakin’ mindblowing!!!!!

~ Margaret Hayes

“Holy wow! I just did a session with Christina, and OMG!!!!!!
There are no words. Just wow Okay, I will try at the words. One session, releasing ick in my body/subconscious, around 3 poignant aspects of a salient issue in my life, and now my body is tingly like icy hot is spread all over me, and I can feel that ick is gone for good. It’s just… gone. And what is present now is WOW.And you must do this   All of you   Go now. If you have any habits or patterns you can’t shake, internal stuff you know is there and can’t figure out how to permanently release.  Is there something in life you have been trying to change or seems to be stuck to you? Do this! Feel what I am feeling! This has been a TOTAL paradigm shift for me and a catalyst for redefining myself, my life and my life purpose. It is just amazing.”    
~ Nova Om

 “I have been struggling with debilitatingly low energy levels for 7 or 8 years.  After just TWO  sessions with you my energy has increased EXPONENTIALLY!   My husband and I couldn’t believe how much I was able to accomplish last weekend.  We are blessed to have you!  You truly tap into Universal Wisdom. Thank you for being so generous to share it!”    
~ Grace
One Light 

“I’m discovering more about myself. I am more aware of my thoughts that activate icky feelings, and I am finding the space inside me. The thoughts are revealing themselves in a more articulated way than ever before!!! It’s like my Being wants to be released/felt, so it can live this physical life joyfully – and FINALLY! Like it’s been waiting a LONG time for me to discover ME. Wow, I could never have said that even a month ago. Wow!”    

~ Marlo

“On Christmas Eve, during a Skype with my in-laws, something happened that in years past would have flown me into a rage (internally at the least). This time my reaction was pretty much an eye roll while just mentally noting that things were just probably never going to change over there. My husband attributes it to Psych-K.

Here’s to a New Year of laughing shit off instead of torturing myself!  I swear Psych-K has had more impact on me than any other therapy or technique I’ve tried.
~ Lucinda

“I am a therapist myself using a mixed modality approach to achieve positive transformation in myself and others and am very successful in doing so. I knew instinctively that I needed to tie up some remaining issues in order to fully embrace my life and move forward. I chose PSYCH-K because using the New Direction balances on my own had worked so well for me and I was curious to try the more advanced balances.

Choosing a facilitator was a challenge but Christina’s site was so informative and her videos clearly presented her as empathetic and competent. In just 2 sessions we cleared so many limiting beliefs I was holding onto and reinforced the positives. We resolved my communication problem; restored balance in my relationships with my children; resolved the huge issue of lack of connection to myself and my fear of dying and leaving my children without a mother.

Now I am much more connected, feel far less unwell and and am sleeping better. I am now free to face the huge physical impact all my trauma has caused with a full knowledge and confidence that PSYCH-K will resolve these too. I am doing the health and wellness 4 hour session today . . . after that my emergency savings are gone but I know it will be the beginning of a new me who can serve others more fully. I now have the strong knowledge and faith that the Universe will provide everything I need in abundance. I now feel as though I deserve to be safe and secure financially, so I know that spending my savings on PSYCH-K is an investment that will be recouped in a very short time.

A massive thank you Christina  ”
~ Lucyrose


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